Be Sherlock Holmes For A Day!

Need a fun excuse to get outdoors? Fancy doing something different with friends, family… or even on a date? Did you play Cluedo as a child and fancy an exciting outdoor version!? Ever thought of yourself as a Sherlock Holmes or Miss Marple?? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, we think you’ll love our Whodunit Hunt outdoor murder mystery trails!

How Does It Work?

sleuths having funA Whodunit Hunt is an outdoor murder mystery trail. Each one will take you to fascinating places of historic, cultural, architectural, and/or natural significance. The objective is to solve a set of clues to determine the guilty suspect who murdered the poor victim, which weapon they used for the crime, and where the murder took place. So, just like Cluedo but outdoors… with much more fun, fresh air, a bit of exercise, and most of all the opportunity to learn about amazing places and people as well as often seeing lovely scenery too! Some could be right on your doorstep and you never knew they were there! If you’re a tourist or at a place new to you, our Whodunit trails are a great way of cramming in several interesting places all in one go without you needing to do the research!

A Bit More Detail…

We’ll tell you where to begin your Whodunit murder mystery and provide directions detailed enough to get you around the clue route without a map. By the end, you’ll have hopefully been successful in concluding the case. If you get stuck, an email clue-help service is available to assist.

Along the way you solve different types of clues to reach your conclusion to the crime:

Clue Types sml 2Suspect clues – names found in a variety of places, such as on information signs or grave stones; some may be cryptic, or even anagrams!

Weapon Clues – each piece of weapon evidence is identified by a two-digit evidence ID: this may relate to a date, a measurement … even a maths sum!

Location Clues – rather than a room (as in Cluedo) these are types of places passed on your route or seen on maps/signs, such as a harbour or a restaurant.

SS Drogheda JFor bonus points, there are Super Sleuth clues for those with a really keen eye to spot too! Try and find four picture clues on your clue trail. They’ll boost your score on our online leader board! But you don’t need to find them to solve the murder mystery.

Whodunit Locations

We’re focused on giving you Whodunit Hunt fun on the island of Ireland, both north and south of the border. Our trails cover several counties already, and detectives continue gathering evidence for you to help solve crimes in additional regions. On a Whodunit Hunt we’re sure you’ll discover new, interesting and amazing facts about any area and see fascinating places!

Click here or use the ‘Buy & Explore’ menu options for detail on (and to order) available Whodunit Hunts, with a map to find one at a place that suits you.

Some Whodunit Hunts are at a single location – a city, town, or village – where you won’t need transport. Others are driving murder mysteries where you’ll need a vehicle to go from one place to another… or bikes for fit cyclists!

Need More Information?

See our FAQs page, explore our website, or get in touch using the enquiry form on the Contact Us page.

We’re proud to be listed on Northern Ireland’s national tourism site, discovernorthernireland.com, regional NI sites, and www.visitlouth.ie.

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